This page will be used to inform the team players of any particular events which should be brought to their notice e.g. Monthly Committee Meetings, Competition winners. The latest entry will be in RED


1. I have started to up-date all the necessary web pages, and this will take some time, so bear with me, I will use this Notice Board to let you know which pages have been finished, starting with Archie McNiven competition.

2. There was a Committee Meeting on Thursday 5th September 2019. Minutes have been posted today.

3. Arche McNiven Fixture List has been completed on paper, have posted next Monday fixtures on-line. I have now completed the fixture list, and apologies to Lilybank B who have 2 home ties in first half, and Souwester who have 4 home ties - all others have 3 home and away ties. This is the best I can manage and remember the fixtures will reverse in 2nd half - I had a computer malfunction doing this list and had to start from scratch again .

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