The Archie McNiven Trophy - Format of Play

This trophy will be played for as follows:

1. Two sections will play on a round-robin basis.

2. 5 players from each team will be nominated, then drawn from a hat.

3. If all 5 players are available for both teams, then the first draw would be for the first doubles, the second draw for the next doubles, and the remaining players would contest the singles. If one team had only 3 or 4 players, then the opposing team captain would submit the same number of players on the team-sheet, choosing whatever players he wished to compete. For 4 players, the 2 draws would be for the doubles, and the singles forfeited; for 3 players the draw would be for a doubles and then a singles match, the second doubles being forfeited.

4. The first 2 players will team as a doubles, as will the next 2 players, leaving the 5th player to play a singles match.

5. One point will be awarded for each frame won.

6. This competition will be played over 6 weeks - two sections, each of 4 teams, each team playing home and away, and the winners of each section will play in the final at The Ogilvie Club.

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Rules for Snooker Doubles

1. In a doubles match, the order of play cannot be changed during a frame.

2. Where a black has been potted resulting in a re-spot, then:

if the team that potted the last black wins the toss and opts to play first, then

the player who potted the black must play. Alternatively, if the team that potted

the black wins the toss and sends in the other team, the player following the player

that potted the last black must play.

3. Players can converse at any point during a match, but conversations should be kept to an

acceptable time period.