PDSL - Constitution


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  1. The league will be known as the Paisley & District Snooker League.
  1. Participants will be drawn from the membership of social clubs within Renfrewshire and Glasgow.
  1. Participating clubs can enter more than one team.
  1. Professional snooker players past and present will not be eligible for membership.
  1. Each team will consist of a maximum of 8 named players.
  1. There will be a meeting of the General Committee on the first Thursday of each month during the league season, venue to be decided at previous meeting.
  1. Each club must send a representative to the monthly meetings.If a club fails to attend for a second time within the current season, then 5 points will be deducted from the League points and a fine of £5 is also incurred.
  1. The participating teams will play all other clubs home and away during the league.
  1. Only players who have been registered AT THE START OF THE SEASON can compete in League, Cup and Individual competitions.
  1. Clubs may request the general committee to register new players; however this can only take place either before the start of the League, or at the halfway point .  There is however a maximum of 10 players who can be registered throughout the season.  Players who have been de-registered cannot rejoin the league in the current season.
  1. Opposing teams can, by mutual consent, postpone a match due to holidays, player absence, etc. and advise the league secretary accordingly
  1. Teams must always turn up for ALL games, even if they only have 2 players .
  1. Clubs will be required to pay for registration of players at the beginning of each league season – the actual amounts to be determined by the Committee at the first meeting of the season.
  1. Every League game must be started by 7.30pm (or earlier)
  1. Office Bearers
  1. .SEASON 2014-2015 - Registration is £60 per team and £10 per month per team. Fee for Singles Championship is £2 per head, and Doubles is £1 per head.


  1. The team captains will nominate on the team sheet the 5 players who will participate on the night.  The home team will be selected first, then the visiting team selected without reference to the home team selection.
  1. Each game will be one frame only, apart from Individual Championship matches.
  1. The home team will supply the referee and the visiting team supply the marker.
  1. In the event of a dispute over the rules of snooker, the team captains will be the final arbitrators.  If still no agreement, the matter will be raised at the next committee meeting when a decision will be made.  Note! The ‘MISS’ rule will not apply to any League matches, but Item ‘M’ below should be adhered to.
  1. For each home match, the home team would provide hospitality in the form of a drink and ,say, a pie, for each member of the visiting team, up to a maximum of 5 registered players. Any additional hospitality supplied would be at the discretion of the home team.
  1. The team captains will sign the team sheet and record the highest break; this sheet should be handed to the Secretary at the next General Committee meeting.
  1. In the event of 2 teams having tied for either 1st or 2nd place at the conclusion of the League, then a deciding 5-frame match would be played, and the venue would be decided by the toss of a coin.
  1. If 2 teams finish level in either Archie McNiven or Famous Grouse competitions after 6 matches then the total points for both teams (against each other) would initially determine the Section winner i.e. if Team A had scored 6 points to Team B scoring 4, then Team A would be the winner; however, if both teams had scored 5 points each then a play-off would be required, best of 5 frames, with toss of a coin determining the venue.
  1. Individual championship matches shall consist of the best of 3 frames up to and including the quarter-finals, best of 5 for semis and best of 7 for the final.
  1. The home player is responsible for contacting his opponent and offering 3 possible dates.  THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN THE FIRST 2 WEEKS  - players must not wait until the last minute before attempting contact.  If no suitable date can be determined, the home team captain must inform the Secretary as soon as possible.
  1. If the home player is unable to contact his opponent, then he must notify his captain no later than 1 week before the closing date; the captain must then inform the Secretary
  1. All matches must be played by the closing date – no extensions can or will be given.
  1. The General Committee will make the final decision in any cases where the parties cannot come to agreement.
  1. At all times, players are expected to adhere to the highest standard of behaviour, both on and off the table, whilst participating in League fixtures, and dress code adhered to as per individual club rules.